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Child Obeasity Essays - Bariatrics, Food And Drink, Obesity, Diets

Child Obeasity Obesity in children: management and prevention Childhood obesity (overweight) is a common problem.Children need to be taught to develop good eating habits to avoid gaining excess weight. Check with your child's doctor to confirm that his obesity isn't due to genetics or some other medical problem. Parents can help the child by being supportive of him. Never make fun of him. Explain why he has to lose weight. Gather family support for him. The parent must also be a role model and show good eating habits. The child needs to grow vertically but not horizontally. Don't put him on a strict diet. Maintain the food pyramid of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils and vitamins and minerals.This is necessary for a balanced diet. Reduce the servings of fatty foods. Other foods are also to be consumed in moderation. Remove empty calories from junk food like sweets and snacks. Improvise to give him healthy snacks like milk, fruit or plain biscuits. Don't eliminate his sweets totally. He'll feel miserable of this deprivation. Limit the amount to be consumed over a week. Slowly replace the sweets with dried fruit to wean off the sweet tooth. Don't use food to punish or reward a child. They may overeat unnecessarily. Keep a lock on the pantry. Leave healthy snacks readily available on the kitchen counter or fridge. Teach the child to appreciate healthy meals by encouraging involvement in meal preparations.Don't allow the kid to eat in front of the TV. This makes a bad habit of always eating whenever the telly is on. Teach the child what foods to buy when he's eating outside home. Kids love fast food. Ask him what he had by himself. If fast food is a must, then limit the meal to small portions. Another trick is make the child drink a glass of water or milk before the meal. He won't feel so hungry as to gobble down more food than sufficient to satisfy his hunger. Children like variety in their menu.Parents can improvise and invent healthy meals. Emphasize the importance of vegetables as kids tend to hate greens and stuff themselves with meats. Do some exercise together as a family.It promotes bonding too. Get into some fun activities like rollerblading, biking or sports. Initially the persuasion may be tough but once the ball starts rolling, there's no stopping him. Set realistic goals for him to lose weight. Offer loads of praise for goals achieved.Keep track of his weight and eating habits. Children need guidance to avoid backsliding. Health Care

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How To Double Your Facebook Reach With Rebekah Radice [Podcast]

How To Double Your Facebook Reach With Rebekah Radice [Podcast] Organic reach: How do you boost yours? It’s one of those things that you might find to be a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’re talking to Rebekah Radice, a social media strategist and the Chief Marketing Officer of Post Planner. With her help and expertise, Post Planner managed to double their Facebook organic reach. Rebekah has one of the top 10 social media blogs for 2015 and 2016, according to Social Media Examiner. She’s the author of the e-book, Shine Online, and she has been featured on NBC, Social Media Today, Steam Feed, Maximize Social Business, and others. She’s also a keynote speaker and is passionate about educating entrepreneurs and future business leaders. Some of the topics that you’ll hear discussed today include: Some information about Post Planner, as well as details on what Rebekah’s position as CMO entails. The biggest challenge with Facebook that marketers struggle to resolve. How Post Planner has achieved such great success with Facebook, and why organic growth is their main focus. How having big, crazy goals and a narrow focus contributed to Post Planner’s success. The importance of visual marketing and letting your personality shine through in your content. Rebekah’s advice for marketers who want to improve their Facebook organic reach.

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Intimate Partner Violence Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Intimate Partner Violence - Term Paper Example Sociologists argue that social conditions develop into social problems through a process referred to as social constructionism as stated by Loseke (2003). Societal reactions are important from this approach and they emerge from the media, religious groups, social organizations just to name but a few. These reactions play a key role in transforming public awareness. Social conditions turn into social problems when the concerned parties are actively involved in raising awareness in the society. This outlook on social problems is significant as it gives a theoretical framework to assist in understanding the discovery, definition and the degree of IPV in the UK and around the globe (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). It also helps to explain the cross-cultural variation in reference to domestic violence and how the debate how evolved over the years. There are important terms that are discussed in relation to this approach. These are claims, claims-making, claims-makers and claims- competitions. The term claim making refers to the actions of individuals or activities of groups making statements and claims or complaints regarding some acknowledged condition (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). In general, this process starts when members of the concerned groups who are in other words known as claim makers express their grievances and consider something as being unacceptable (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). Claims are mainly one sided issues that the claim makers contend against such as drug abuse and domestic violence (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). They comparatively involve unbalanced power on the... This paper stresses that relationships between partners were not widely discussed and cases of violence were not reported. The society was highly patriarchal and the decisions were made by men however, things have changed. Domestic violence was recognized with the feminism wave whereby women stood up and fought for their rights and against all forms of violence. Domestic violence related deaths have been on the rise and its effects more devastating hence the claim- makers were able to create awareness and appeal to their audience. This led to the transformation of domestic violence as a social problem. This report makes a conclusion that the claims about the IPV emerged after the feminism wave as women had learnt about their rights. They were more aggressive in demanding equal treatment with their male counterparts. The claims of the claims-makers resonate with broader cultural worries at the time. The claims-makers succeed in capturing the attention of audiences and in persuading them to accept their claims, while the majority of conditions that could be called social problems remain marginalized and unexamined. This is owing to the changing attitudes in society and the effect of globalization that results to emergence of contemporary values that are against domestic violence. IPV is here to stay and more efforts need to be made by the claim makers to control its levels globally. There have been positive changes made by society to eradicate IPV and the future is not easy for the claim- maker if at all the fight against it is to be won.

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Popular Music Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Popular Music - Dissertation Example The following research questions will be used to frame the study and develop research on the topic of popular music as an appropriate medium for re-engaging youths from the inner city London boroughs. 1. How would the popular music industry benefit young people from the inner city London boroughs? 2. What risks would be involved in trying to re-engage young people from the inner city London boroughs? 3. What would be the projected success rate of working towards discovering young people in the inner city London boroughs who had talent that could compete in the professional world of popular music? 4. Is popular music an appropriate way to re-engage unfortunate young people from the inner city London boroughs? Through these preliminary research questions this study intends to discover means and methods of re-engaging inner city youths through organisations that can provide services that support entry into the popular music business. In addition, the appropriateness of this medium as a way to re-engage young people will be examined and defined so that risk can be minimized and appropriate support provided through the methods discovered in this research. The Ocean Music Venue is located at 270 Mare Street in London. This venue provides an appropriate local space in which music can be played by musicians that are growing their music (Cylex 2013). Bigga Fish (2013) provides for opportunities for up and coming artists age 14-21 so that they can have experiences such as playing next to experienced artists.

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Tropicana Marketing Strategy

Tropicana Marketing Strategy Not many people know about the benefits of drinking juices. The core marketing strategy should be to make people aware the benefits and additional advantages should be highlighted. Surveys should be done to increase awareness among the people. This will in result help the organization to increase the shares in market and get more profits. Vision The underlying vision of the company is to become the worlds premier beverage industry and thereby creating healthy financial rewards and growth. Moreover they are also of the opinion to provide largest range of refreshing, preservative fruit beverages for health and well being of every household (, 2013). Core Objectives The core objectives of the company are to increase awareness of the Tropicana Juice, to inform people that the product is composed of 100% natural ingredients and to portray the product as a healthy drink. They are promoting health and wellness of the individuals and focus only on reformulation. The biggest advantage the company has strong product portfolio which is assisted them in developing niche business. Target Market Primary Adults: 21- 30. These people are more concerned about their health and are usually professionals. Choose nutritious diet Concerned about their outlook Dont care much about the price. Secondary Elderly: 50+. People who are more about their health rather than outlook Require solutions for health problems Concerned about diseases. Want a longer life. Channels for Marketing Tropicana juice has made use of print advertising as well as television commercials for years. These will be the channels of marketing for now as well. The advertising will highlight the benefits of juice and also show how children enjoy the product. Advertising The previous ads showed the Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Creations range of mixed juices, as the company was looking to increase awareness of products other than its orange juice In 2012, the marketing campaign came up with a new tagline Tap Into Nature. Tap Into Nature highlighted Tropicanas relationships with its growing networks and, in the U.S., says that its juice was made from 100% Florida oranges. It was big change for the company, which for several years had been using a blend of Florida and imported oranges (Berinstein, 2003). Recently Tropicana introduces a new marketing campaign. It was a crowd specific advertising campaign made of tweets posted by New-Yorkers. TheÂÂ  tweets featuring the hashtag #WorstMorningEverÂÂ  were reviewed by the team, and the more interesting ones are used and displayed in the subway, on busses, in stores, on billboards or on taxis. People would tweet all day telling a story about impressive that occurred to them in the morning and that Tropicana Juice changed their moods (Meeks, 2010). Web Presence Tropicana has a lot of web presence which shows that they are making used of the power of social networking sites such as Google+, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Tropicana can enhance their web presence for advertising purposes (Grewal, 2011). Other media plan choices can be: Billboards Magazines Radio Core Strategies Their advertising print and media will be based on two messages: 1. 100% pure drink 2. Large amount of Fruit in Each Bottle They have selected these themes because they would be most effective in reaching their health-conscious target audience of 21-30 year-old people. The goals of their campaign are to increase product awareness and increase sales. Therefore, they must first increase awareness of Tropicana health benefits to increase sales of the product. Tropicana uses health benefits and humor as consistent themes in their advertisement to attract the attention of their audience. Sometimes advertisements are planned to raise awareness of the product, and some are advertisements that are intended to promote sales. The beginning commercials will be made on account of increasing the awareness of people. The later ones will be based on increasing the sale because it will be assumed that people are familiar with it (Llc, 2010). Marketing Recommendations Product Make clearer packaging to make it more close to natural. Price -Prices should be lowered as an increased price decreases the number of buyer from purchasing. Placement Expand distribution area. Keep product location consistent within grocery stores. Measurement Method The two major aims we set in this advertising campaign are to increase awareness of Tropicana Juice from 30-40% and to increase its sales by 30%. To make sure that their progress towards getting their objectives done is accurate we will conduct surveys before starting the plan, after each phase, and finally at the end of the campaign. The survey will include likeness of the product, purchasing history, how people are aware about the product, and likeness towards the brand. By surveying before and after each phase, assessment can be done to check their advertising efforts and if any required, necessary changes can be made to keep us on the track to successful campaigning. As we mentioned earlier, we plan on conducting post testing to measure consumer attitude towards the product (Laszlo, 2008). It is of core importance that buyers are pleased with Tropicana Juice and that they all view at it as a healthy and fresh option to drink. 500 buyers will be interviewed before and after each phase to make sure that the efforts being done is advertising for raising awareness and promotion is successful or not and if the sales have increased to the target level. A sales test can be done to determine the percentage of growth in sales. Using these measurement methods, we can know if their advertising campaign was successful in meeting their goals within the timeframe (Hephaestus, 2011). Keys to Success They keys to success is that store design will be both visually attractive to customers and intended for fast and well-organized operations. The marketing strategies are aimed to put together a solid base of loyal customers. They have created an atmosphere where employees love coming to work and can bring in good money. They are committed to providing excellent quality juices at all time. Conclusion The market of juices is increasing because the utilization of juices increases every year and it is also anticipated that it will be increase continually due people change the life style and more health conscious attitude. They prefer juices on other soft drink. Consumers want to drink fresh juices on a regular basis as they are increasingly adopting Western lifestyles, particularly the younger generation which is enormously influenced by the Western media.

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Nike Executive Summary

Is Nike Worth the Buy? Thomas Senyard Issue It has been a week since Nike’s analyst meeting in which management unveiled a plan to revitalize the company. Kimi Ford wonders, is Nike a good buy for her mutual fund? Background Nike’s recent market share has been declining. The new strategy that management introduced plans to develop a better mid-priced shoe, to push their apparel line and to put more effort into expense control. Lehman Brothers say that Nike is a strong buy, but UBS Warburg and CSFB analysts recommend not buying right now.Analysis There are several different methods that can be used to find the WACC and use it to decide whether a stock will be a good buy or not. The Earning’s Capitalization Model is not appropriate in this case because it does not work well for growing companies, as Nike is trying to do, and the Dividend Discount Model has several subjective inputs making it inferior to the CAPM method of determining WACC. Using this method Nikeâ⠂¬â„¢s WACC is found to be 9. 8%.Using this Nike is found to have very good returns on capital, with a reasonable amount of debt, at not too high of a cost. This WACC figure is higher than the one that Ford used, but it still shows us that the stock is undervalued, but by only about $15. This leads to a recommendation that Ford’s mutual fund should add Nike to its portfolio, and from the financial and debt ratios calculated, we get information that says Nike should continue to grow to higher stock prices after reaching the price it was valued at today.

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Feasibility Study Proposal Example

Business Proposal for Al Bustan Retail Facility (ARF) Prepared By: Dr. Munir Hourani Introduction Al Bustan Retail Facility (ARF) Business Proposal will define broad city-wide goals for sustainable development into focused, actionable, area-specific strategies to ensure the vitality of the central area of Abu Dhabi city and enable us to achieve our community vision Abu Dhabi 2030. The planning process will place an emphasis on ways to promote and improve mixed uses and quality future concept of a retail facility, service-oriented and affordable, transportation and parking management, and the quality and capacity of public infrastructure.Our intent is to identify, understand, and address current strengths and barriers to the creation of new futuristic retail facility development. At the same time we need to make the hard decisions necessary to facilitate the continued evolution and maturation of this vital and dynamic mixed use (ARF) facility. We will hire specialized retail consultan t to help produce and accomplish this study and put it in force. Feasibility Study Methodology Our Study will serve the objectives by addressing the future retail marketing concepts through utilizing and studying of the following trends: 1.Successful in international retail trends and retailing trends to attract the ‘new consumer'. 2. Creating new store (Future Stores) designs and concepts to engage consumers and drive profits. 3. Utilizing the latest in-store technology platforms to effectively create, manage and measure the in-store shopper experience. 4. Harnessing the power of innovative multichannel solutions to engage with new customers and increase the shopper experience 5. Maximizing the potential of social media to engage with the new consumer 6.Future Branding: Connecting your brand with today's consumer 7. Engaging with the regional consumer: Successfully introducing customer loyalty schemes to increase repeat custom, brand visibility and profitability 8. Capitalizi ng on the soaring growth of the grocery and FMCG market in the Middle East. Retail Feasibility Analysis A retail market analysis will help to determine strengths, gaps and opportunities for retail development and retention of ARF. Bearing in mind the following feasibility understanding: Abu Dhabi downtown is home to one of the most dynamic small downtowns in the UAE. ARF is one of the centerpiece of the community from a retail, dining, and entertainment perspective and widely regarded as one of the most successful mixed-use area. The ARF vicinity provides a variety of office, residential, cultural, retail, and institutional uses and is the undisputed center of new Abu Dhabi. * Over the past several years, the retail climate in Abu Dhabi has evolved. Major retail developments, traditional retail competitors and malls have added worthy competitors to downtown Abu Dhabi. Retail business has benefitted from the climate dominating Abu Dhabi island ( humid and hot ) most of the years roun d, to create the culture of shopping and entertaining in indoor areas. * Downtown Abu Dhabi is now at a crossroads of development. The community has enjoyed marked success since the boom of 1990s and does not wish to rest on those accomplishments. The recent recession has â€Å"complicated† the market forces at work in the country, resulting in store closures, reduced profits, and traditional retail churn.In Abu Dhabi all of this is happening at the same time that retail and dining destinations have expanded out of the traditional retail business. * As you know Abu Dhabi now is on the cusp of a new downtown master plan process that will provide detailed analysis of downtown and provide the chance to share this planned community expansion. Scope of Work We will be working on the following subjects or tasks to fulfill the Objectives of the study. The Scope of work will be limited to the following: 1. Review and understanding of prior Abu Dhabi retail market. 2.Overview of local and ARF vicinity retail capacity including: * Market definition * Market segmentation and demographic analysis 3. Analyze the existing retail mix and growth for the ARF, and the assessment of visitor versus local traffic. 4. Identify potential retail voids in the ARF area. 5. Recommendations to capture retail market opportunities, and reinforce customer base. 6. Marketing recommendations: to develop a series of new retail brand allocation (Franchises), marketing, business retention, and recruitment recommendations for ARF. Specific Deliverables: 1. Review of prior Abu Dhabi retail market Report. . Local and ARF vicinity retail capacity Report. 3. The assessment of visitor versus local traffic Report. 4. Identify potential retail voids in the ARF area Report. 5. Marketing Recommendations and new retail brand Recommendation Report. 6. Al Bustan Retail Facility (ARF) Feasibility Study Final Report; detailing the results of the tasks mentioned above, also including an Executive Summary of major findings. 7. An annotated presentation for sharing findings easily with stakeholders. Project Phases Phase 1: Review of prior Abu Dhabi retail market task, and Local and ARF vicinity retail capacity task.This phase will end with delivery of the mentioned tasks Reports. Phase 2: The assessment of visitor versus local traffic task. Identify potential retail voids in the ARF area task, nd Marketing Recommendations task. This phase will end with delivery of the mentioned tasks Reports. Phase 3: Feasibility Study Final Report; detailing the results of the tasks mentioned above, also including an Executive Summary of major findings. Project Duration This study will need 90 days for the purpose of executing all Business Proposal objectives.